Mike Tyson botches T-shirt tear before AEW brawl

Boxing great Mike Tyson has been teasing a comeback for weeks. The 53-year-old has posted multiple workout videos, showing off his brutal strength and powerful hooks.

But despite his impressive physique, Tyson still struggles to tear a T-shirt.

The former boxing star has made a couple of cameo appearances in AEW events this week – a shirtless Tyson started hounding WWE legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts at AEW Double or Nothing on Saturday evening.

Tyson made another appearance during Wednesday’s All Elite Wrestling show, but viewers were left in stitches when the former world heavyweight champion struggled to tear off his shirt.

The comical display took about 15 seconds, before he eventually gave up and let the fabric dangle off his shoulder and waist. But Tyson was unfazed, and continued flexing his muscles and pulling faces at professional wrestler Chris Jericho.

It undeniably dampened what was supposed to be an intimidating moment.

“Apologise before I knock your god damn teeth out of your mouth,” Jericho cried.

After a few hearty shoves, Tyson and Jericho found themselves in the midst of an all-in brawl, with about two dozen fighters entering the ring.

Although the event is clearly staged, it’s entertaining to witness Tyson strutting his stuff in the ring again.

On Tuesday, heavyweight champion Tyson Fury claimed he had accepted an offer to Tyson in a sensational exhibition bout.

The super showdown is believed to be just one of Iron Mike’s return fights after his jaw-dropping return to fitness some 15 years after he announced his retirement, The Sun reported.

Tyson is also being lined up for a rematch against old enemy Evander Holyfield, despite the pair having a combined age of 110.

And he is reportedly set to be offered more than $30 million to compete in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

But so far, it is only a fight against 31-year-old WBC heavyweight champ Fury — who could be set for his own trilogy bout against Deontay Wilder — that appears to have been agreed.

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